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Protecting Our Schools

Voting in school board elections are key to protecting our schools!  It is something we all can participate in to make a difference and have a Christian influence for our schools.  School boards play an important role in the success of the school district and our children’s future.


The school board members work together as representatives of the community. Each school board member brings specific talents, skills, and expertise (good or bad) to contribute to the collaboration of accomplishing the work of the board for the benefit of the district and its students.


There are 5 key responsibilities of school board members:


  • Establish the vision and goals for the school district.

  • Be aware of policies, laws, and regulations that may impact the work of the district; and implement policies that help improve the work of the district and its schools.

  • School board member responsibilities to hire and evaluate the district’s superintendent.

  • Adopt and maintain an annual budget that is aligned with the vision of the local school district.

  • Serve as leaders and representatives of the community and as advocates for students and the school district.



Step 1:  Find Voting Information (Upper East Texas) Here:




Step 2: Research the candidates ahead of voting day and make your choice.


Step 3: Look to outside sources for information on candidates’ backgrounds and fundraising information.


Step 4: Pray and ask God for wisdom to pick the best candidate in each race.




Other Christian Voting Resources:


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