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The Crisis We Face

America is in trouble.

Many Americans today feel trapped in a slowly sinking ship. It is clear that our beloved country is unraveling at the seams.

As Christians, we know that God created 3 institutions to protect individuals… and all 3 are under attack:

· Family

· Church

· State

The United States is quickly becoming the divided states as signs of disunity and conflict abound. Crushing taxation, lockdowns, and despotic regulations are diminishing our incomes and future dreams. Family breakdowns, the immigration crisis, abiding racial divide, and the dysfunction in Congress all seem overwhelming. Moral decay, redefining marriage and the family, abortions on demand, dishonest media, and an education system that increasingly seeks to impart information without ethics in the name of “freedom” surround us.

The enemy’s plan is to distort God’s intention for America. How do we defeat this Goliath? We Christians must STAND UP to Goliath like David.

We have two choices…

1) Passive choice: We can let our country slide into chaos and destruction, or

2) Active choice: We can turn to God and partner with Him in faith that He will reverse our course and restore our union to His definition of what a nation is to be when it lives and acts under His hand. Such a restoration must be led by His church body. We, Christians, are the solution!

The Hope of America

Only God has the power to overcome the circumstances we now face. The real hope for America is the return of God’s people returning to Him BOTH individually AND corporately. Friends and fellow citizens, the turmoil, corruption, inequity, and distress we are experiencing in our nation today can be addressed. It can be reversed and transformed! These things are possible if we will return to God’s Word, and make His principles and precepts the basis for our lives, our families, our churches, and our land.

Freedom vs. Tyranny

The decision we face today is between freedom and tyranny. Big government never works and ALWAYS results in tyranny. We are not truly free today. Worse is coming if we do not restore our Christian nation by remembering and renewing our covenant with God. If we abandon our Biblical roots, we will soon lose all the attending benefits of Christian civilization, such as the rule of law, absolute moral standards, a sound economy, a limited government, and any vestige of liberty that we still maintain. We must work to restore our republic rightly back to God.

The hard truth is, those who seek to destroy our nation (humanists, communists, or social deviants) are not responsible for our present condition. Remember, these people are LOST, we should not be surprised they act like lost and bitter rebels. It is the Christian community that has neglected it’s heritage and forgotten America’s Christian history, founding and stewardship thereof.

Ineffective Christians?

Our current circumstances today indicate that Christians as a whole, have abandoned the call from God. We have abandoned leadership in our culture. The truth is, we are to take dominion. God flourishes on earth through us. God’s ways promote maximum human flourishing for all people. However, Christians have become less and less effective in promoting human prosperity throughout the world. The church as a whole has failed to advance God’s kingdom and principles in society in order to be a positive influence for good in our nation and in our world.


When distance from God is the problem, only closeness to God is the solution! Our solutions will be found in God’s house, because He is ultimately in charge and His people have priority access to Him! Let’s BE the solution together!

God works through people and He has called us in this moment of history!

Next Steps

We Stand USA exists to mobilize Christians to stand up, speak out and get involved protecting our God given freedoms in America! We need to unite and make sure our American Heritage is safe and secure! Read more about We Stand USA here:

1. Sign up for We Stand USA at (link) and stay engaged!

2. Consider donating to our mission to engage more Christians and churches Donate to We Stand USA

3. Follow us on social media (coming soon)

4. Pay it forward! (coming soon) Buy a T-shirt and send to a friend through our “Pay It Forward” program. We will send a welcome packet (coming soon) to encourage engagement of your friend in the movement!

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